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Go purchase the most realistic, most absorbing jet sim money can buy. Put plainly, no high-street sim can offer you a more accurate portrayal of a modern military airborne radar system. Lead Pursuit should be congratulated for refurbishing Falcon so successfully. It's significantly closer to perfection than any of its rivals. If you dedicate yourself to learning how an F really flies It is hard to overstate the significance of Falcon 4: Allied Force.

We think its impact, not only upon the Falcon 4 community, but the flight simulation and the simulation community as whole, is going to be greater than anything we have seen in a very long time. There is great life left in the 'ole gal, and with such a great group of dedicated people at the controls, the game will remain stable and expandable for a long time to come.

Lead Pursuit's website is here: www.

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Graphsim Entertainment's website is here: www. Horizon Simulation's website is here: www. F-4SDK parameters adjusted. Loadout changes for mavericks with LAU Jaguar loadouts adjusted. Fix to load correct amount of external fuel for assymetric, multi-tank and unusual hardpoint filling.

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Force Feedback effects should be back. Instant Action should now have avionics properly configured when entering the pit. Repairtime lowered on small bridges.

Stop the AI circling the target during ground attack. AI pilot ground avoidance improvements following a 'weapons free' instruction. Fix for active missiles losing lock prematurely. Fix for AI not firing air to air missiles after a bombing run. Addressed ATC violation when told to clear the runway after a valid landing. AI attack profile improved when flying low through a valley and the target is on top of a hill.

AI attempt to exit combat at Joker fuel level instead of Bingo. Improvements to AI pilot afterburner usage. Better TrackIR support in 2D pit. In realistic mode, the padlock box is not displayed anymore, only the yellow rhombus depicting the next locked padlock object when switching. Some objects 3D-models fixed for various errors.

Positional adjustments to missile burner placement to missile model. LAU texture added. UI map of Balkan theater updated with roads, rivers and Tacandata. UI map of Korea theater was fixed for gap near the coast. New animated exhaust-flames for missiles. J New texture and shadow. F 3D-pit update: Taillight moved to base of fin.

Corrected misalignment on the left aux-console. New dual-seat 3D-model and texture for FD Avionics Fix issue where the avionics could end up selecting an empty hardpoint when dropping LGB's and switching to another weapon in the meantime. Fix selective Jettison Bug with Mavericks as selected weapon. Wingman display fix for the HSD.

Cockpit switch error corrected. Missile and Threat Volume knobs fixed. Fixes to A-A weapon switching if different types of the same missile were loaded. If the last A-A missile of a certain type is fired, automatically switch to the next type. In A-A Modes and BE mode deselected, the bullseye solution readout shows bearing and range from the current steerpoint to the cursors.

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In A-A STT Modes and with a locked target and BE mode deselected, the bullseye solution readout shows range and bearing from the current steerpoint to the bugged target. Do not display the radar cursors with an STT Lock.

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Change to the RWR newguy sound. Instead of playing the 3 beeps, play 3 bursts of audio at the emitters PRF. Campaign More activity by teams in defensive and consolidation modes. Mission planning improvements. Configuration Options Setup options for intro movie, current player selection and Instant action scores are now stored in configoptions. Make sure to go over all of the Setup screen options once again after applying patch 3.

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Documents FR Keyboard layout amended. FAC can hand-off targets. FAC capable aircraft now carry marker rockets.

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