Inelastic Analysis of Structures under Variable Loads: Theory and Engineering Applications

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This is an efficient tool for practical computation, especially for complicated structures subject to mechanical loads. The proposed algorithm gives results that are close to the results in literatures. In the preceding expression, the left equality occurs if the subsequent yield surface translates inside the bounding surface, the middle equality occurs if the subsequent yield surface fixed on the bounding surface and the last equality occurs when yield surface translates unboundedly.

If the structure shakes down in alternating plasticity mode, then there is no difference between perfectly plastic and kinematic hardening models. Ing-Arch , 8: — Prager W: A new method of analyzing stress and strain in work hardening plastic solids. Maier GA: Shakedown matrix theory allowing for work hardening and second-order geometric effects. In Foundations of plasticity.

Edited by: Sawczuk A. North-Holland, Amsterdam: Springer; — Ponter ARS: A general shakedown theorem for elastic plastic bodies with work hardening. In Inelastic behaviour of structures under variables loads.

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Inelastic Analysis of Structures

Comp Appl Mech Eng , 1 Nr. Int J Solids Struct , 41 1 — In Complimentarily, duality and symmetry in nonlinear mechanics. Volume 6. Edited by: David Y. PhD Thesis. In Direct Methods. Netherlands: Springer; Int J Numer Mech Engng , — Int J Numer Engng , — Download references. Reprints and Permissions. Search all SpringerOpen articles Search.

Abstract This paper develops a new finite element method FEM -based upper bound algorithm for limit and shakedown analysis of hardening structures by a direct plasticity method. Background Shakedown analysis for hardening structures has been investigated by many researchers. Methods Bounded kinematic hardening model For kinematic hardening model, the initial yield surface can translate in the multi-axial stress space, without changing its shape and size.

Figure 1. Unbounded kinematic hardening model. Full size image. Figure 2. A simple two-surface plasticity with fixed bounding surface. Results and discussions Two examples are reported. Figure 3. Continuous beam. Figure 4.

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Load domain for example 4. Figure 5. FEM mesh. Table 1 Comparison of plastic limit collapse and shakedown results Full size table.

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Figure 6. Figure 7. FEM mesh of cylindrical pipe. Figure 8. Figure 9.

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Table 2 Limit and shakedown load multipliers of cylindrical pipe subjected to internal pressure and bending Full size table. Conclusions The paper developed a new upper bound algorithm for shakedown analysis of elastic plastic-bounded linearly kinematic hardening structures.

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Google Scholar 4. Google Scholar 5. Google Scholar 6. Google Scholar 7. Thus it includes the foundation of mechanics; variational formulations; computational mechanics; statics, kinematics and dynamics of rigid and elastic bodies; vibrations of solids and structures; dynamical systems and chaos; the theories of elasticity, plasticity and viscoelasticity; composite materials; rods, beams, shells and membranes; structural control and stability; soils, rocks and geomechanics; fracture; tribology; experimental mechanics; biomechanics and machine design.

The median level of presentation is the first year graduate student. Some texts are monographs defining the current state of the field; others are accessible to final year undergraduates; but essentially the emphasis is on readability and clarity. Springer and Professors Barber and Klarbring welcome book ideas from authors. Potential authors who wish to submit a book proposal should contact Dr. It brought together leading researchers from eleven countries for a week-long meeting, with the aim ….

For these lectures there …. My objective in writing this book was to cross the bridge between the structural dynamics and control communities, while providing an overview of the potential of SMART materials for sensing and actuating purposes in active vibration c- trol. This book was developed while I was teaching graduate courses on analysis, design and optimization of structures, in the United States, Europe and Israel.

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Structural analysis is a main part of any design problem, and the analysis often must be …. The monograph is divided into five parts. Chapter 1 provides the engineering motivation for this …. The book is conceived as a continuation of the classical monograph by N. It contains a series of papers contributed by his former students, colleagues …. Phase transition phenomena in solids are of vital interest to physicists, materials scientists, and engineers who need to understand and model the mechanical behavior of solids during various kinds of phase transformations.

This volume is a …. The Symposium was convened to address and place on …. It is well known that noise control at the source is the most cost-effective. Designing for quietness is therefore the most important concept in Engineering Acoustics or Technical Acoustics.