Microstructure and Microtribology of Polymer Surfaces

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Determination of mechanical and tribological properties of materials, composites and coatings under operational conditions.

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Evaluation and optimization of the performance of protective wear-resistant coatings and friction contacts. Load analyses, trials and evaluation of failure mechanisms for metal, ceramic and plastic components.

  • Wahl, Kathryn J. 1964-.
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  • Production and evaluation of smooth and structured diamond-like carbon coatings for large sliding and rolling loads. How to work with the Fraunhofer IWM. We use experimental friction and wear analysis methods to determine friction coefficients and wear rates, including Stribeck curves. We test, assess and Anderle, P. Chiggiato, G. Effects of substrate temperature on bonding structure and mechanical properties of amorphous carbon films S. Chowdhury, M. Laugier, I. Measurement of the mechanical properties of carbon nitride thin films from the nanoindentation loading curve S.

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    Tribological Behavior of Grafted Polymer Gel Nanocoatings

    A nanoindentation study of copper films on oxidised silicon substrates D. Beegan, S. The nanoindentation behaviour of hard and soft films on silicon substrates D. Kulisch, C. Popov, S. Boycheva, L.

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    Lin, , G. Blackman, R. Quantitative characterization of scratch and mar behavior of polymer coatings L. Lin, G. Mechanical surface characterization: A promising procedure to screen organic coatings A. Krupicka, M. Johansson, A. Hult, G. New insights into the scratch resistance of clear coats as derived from comparative dry and wet nano-scratching Rolf Nothhelfer-Richter, Eugen Klinke, Claus D.

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    Robert Szoszkiewicz, Andrzej J. Kulik, Gerard Gremaud, Malgorzata Lekka: Probing local water contents of in vitro protein films by ultrasonic force microscopy. Gremaud: Overview on dislocation-point defect interaction: The brownian picture of dislocation motion. Mayor, G. Gremaud: Jamming in weakly perturbed granular media. Szoszkiewicz, B. Huey, O. Kolosov, G. Briggs, G. Gremaud, A. Kulik: Tribology and ultrasonic hysteresis at local scales.

    Low-Friction Surfaces Achieved Through Polymer Brush Layers

    Mayor, G Gremaud, A. Barrat, V.